Tired of Slow & Unreliable Wifi?
Problem Solved.
Our SMART WiFi service makes connecting to your world easier.
Satisfaction Guarantee — No contract, No service cancellation penalty.
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Keep Your Home Connected With
Smart WiFi
  • On site audit by professional technicians to insure whole home WiFi coverage
  • Commercial grade router with latest 801.ax technology
  • Software insures connected devices utilize available bandwidth for the best experience
  • 24/7 remote support
  • No unexpected expenses for equipment upgrades or on site WiFi support issues *
  • Satisfaction Guarantee — No contract, No service cancellation penalty

*no charge for callouts if problem is with original set up or supported equipment

$ 19. 99 /mo
SMART WIFI is the ultimate solution to all your WIFI problems!!
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The Modern Home Network.
More than just the modem and a computer
Home Wireless Network
Smart WiFi Equipment
Access Points
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