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Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet is a dedicated service that is available for both home and business applications. One year agreement required on all Broadband Internet plans and the activation fees of $100.00 are waived with a one-year commitment. Applicable sales taxes and Early Termination fees will apply.

Broadband Internet Access from Yadtel: (download/upload)

Broadband Standard (512 Kb/384 Kb) $20.99
Broadband Standard Plus (1.5 Mb/384 Kb) $29.99
Broadband Lite (3 Mb/512 Kb) $34.99
Broadband Express (5 Mb/512 Kb) $39.99
Broadband Extreme (6 Mb/1 Mb) $44.99*
Broadband Express Plus (10 Mb/512 Kb) $44.99
Broadband Ultra (12 Mb/2 Mb) $54.99*
Broadband Super (25 Mb/2 Mb) $59.99*
Broadband Supreme (50 Mb/4 Mb) $69.99*

Plus Broadband Speeds:

Broadband Extreme Plus 6/6 $69.99
Broadband Ultra Plus 12/12 $79.99
Broadband Super Plus 25/25 $124.99
Broadband Supreme Plus 50/25 $149.99

*Only available in fiber optic cable installed areas.
Speeds are not guaranteed. Pricing on all speeds based on Residential service only. Prices shown are valid when broadband service is bundled with phone service.

Subscribe to one of our Broadband Internet services and you will receive the following:

Google Apps

Yadtel offers an ad-free, Google Apps platform. Included in Google Apps:
Google Mail (YadMail) - 7 GB storage capacity
Google Docs - for creating spreadsheets and word processing documents
Google Calendars - create calendars for all your different activities such as sports, church functions, family appoints and share with family or friends if you so desire
Google Talk - instant messaging and chat, with or without video
Google Sites - create your own website using templates
Postini - improved virus and spam protection for your email

To access your email online and take advantage of all that Google offers go to www.yadtel.com to login.
If you have questions concerning Google mail or apps, go to http://myonlinehelp.net.
The Internet support line is available 24/7. Please feel free to call 1-866-291-8261.

Free Online Access to ESPN3

ESPN3 broadcasts thousands of live games and events online each year. The link to login to ESPN3 is located on www.yadtel.com.

Full Time Technical Support

Toll-free technical support is available for all Yadtel Internet customers. 1-866-291-8261.